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SG Company

December 2019

Milano - IT


Lighting Design

The Pandora Tower lighting design project was designed to temporarily transform a plastic sculpture of modern architecture into a technological, fluid and contemporary sculpture.

The Branca Tower, built by the architect Gio Ponti in 1933 on the occasion of the V Triennale, will be temporarily modified and pervaded by an ephemeral material, diametrically opposed to the steel of which it is composed: The Light.

The Expect Nothing studio (Feliciano Musillo and Serena Raso) uses light as a powerful means of visual communication, transmutation of the form and perception of architecture itself without compromising, modifying or altering the plastic design of its original structure.

In the 30s the reticular structures were the symbol of the prodigy and of the technique with their slender, transparent and quick to realize forms they were the symbol of modernity and therefore in the same way the lighting designers have chosen the LED sources that are the most innovative , intelligent and advanced available on the market.

It is well known that to modify a solid it is necessary to apply forces on its vertices and following this concept we have decided to apply “our forces” of Light in the vertex points of the reticular structure of the and in the other points of architectural relevance of the tower.

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