Lighting Design

Jägermeister “Night Call” – Rimini

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Giugno 2018

Rimini - IT


Lighting Design

Expect Nothing lighting design lights an abandoned structures, only for one night.

Blade Runner atmospheres and psychedelic sceneries took shape to the former Novarese colony, between Rimini and Riccione. For one night, thanks to a mysterious “nightcall”, the old building has passed some time and often the center of debates about a possible recovery, it has revived with new life.

The vital breath was returned by over five thousand people gathered by Jägermeister, the German bitter giant, who chose Rimini to stage the final of the Jägermeister Music Lab contest. Now in its second edition, Jägermeister’s project aims to select the best talents of Italian electronic music.

After nine days spent in Berlin, a contact with the biggest producers of the international electronic scene, the three finalists competed for the whole night with synt and creative performances. Winner the dj Stompboxx, who won the title of Music Meister and will play in international festivals sponsored by Jägermeister.

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Jägermeister “Night call” – Firenze